Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 7:00pm

Matt Kowalski - Director Blind Date
Adam Jacobs - Director Color Tab- "Incognizant"
Justin Schaack - Director Coming Out
Kristin Schaack - Director Coming Out
Chad Gilman - Director Mothermen
Andrew Neill - Director Put a Ring on It
Scott Svare - Director Sight Without Eyes

Directed by Various

*Suggested Donation at the Door of $5: Crooked Pint Ale House - Downtown Minneapolis, 7-9pm

OFFSITE Screening!
Crooked Pint
501 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Various Film Contest Winners from 2012 will be showcased for all to view at the Crooked Pint Ale House in Downtown Minneapolis on Washington Avenue. Come support the filmmakers and congratulate them on a job well done, sometimes under extreme time constraints!

List of film titles included in this block:

Coming Out
Put A Ring On It
Blind Date
Sight Without Eyes
Heroes Reward
Color Tab - Incognizant
Len's Helper
Doritos SB Commercial